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About Us

Seven Fourteen Event Services was birthed in 2014 as a simple idea that turned into a dream, then manifested into reality. All of these steps did not happen overnight and required many late nights, failures and hard lessons learned over the course of a few years. Seven Fourteen has endured the best and the worst, yet still there is so much more in store.


Our name comes from Kiyya’s connection to the number seven as it brings the energy of peace, joy and success to her in so many ways. Double the number seven and you get fourteen; double the peace, double the joy, double the successes; providing more than enough to share with the world.


At Seven Fourteen we strive to serve our clients in a way that makes for a positively bold memory making success! We are here to serve all of your event linen, consultation and digital invitation needs.

The FaceBehind theBrand

Originally from Bronx, New York, Kiyya was just a young girl when her family relocated to Atlanta. From one big city to another, Kiyya is a city girl to the core. The fast pace, bright lights, and the hustle and bustle of it all fuels her desire to create. Along her journey she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Alabama State University and a Masters of Community

Counseling from Argosy University, it is easy to see that she truly works to understand people and their needs. Add together her need to create and her innate willingness to serve others and you get her God given purpose to boldly support others on the road to success. She lives to create opportunities and spaces for people to live their best life and be the best they can be (cheesy, I know) at any moment in time. She finds so much joy in having a part, even a small one, in the joy others experience. To Kiyya, each day is a new opportunity to see the sparkle in the eyes of others.

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